Facilitator Job Description


The CEO Facilitator will create a learning environment where students are encouraged to explore, discover and

experience learning through real life activities. The facilitator’s role is to model a passion for learning, connect with the students and community, collaborate with the board, and, most importantly, provide guidance to the students. The facilitator position is a half-time position. 90 minutes of the day is spent with the students, and the balance is used for arranging business visits, guest speakers, calling on business people, etc. CEO requires a great deal of time from the facilitator to establish good relationships with the business community, prepare the many communications that make the program transparent, and build the learning environment that allows students to succeed.

Salary will be decided based on the Hannibal Public Schools salary schedule.


We are seeking a facilitator who is:

  • A kid magnet

  • Able to get out of their own way (i.e. They will be willing to lean on community members who are experts in their fields.)

  • Able to contextualize and prioritize Craig Lindvahl's and their own life lessons throughout the program.

  • Dedicated to kids/ a great relationship builder

  • Naturally curious

  • An excited learner 

  • Adaptable

  • A first-class communicator

  • Able to interact with business investors and partners

  • Comfortable working in a technology rich environment 


Specific functions of a facilitator:

Support Student Development: 

  • Mentor students

  • Review student journals

  • Facilitate the students’ development of the class business

  • Identify students’ needs

  • Plan to meet students’ needs

  • Facilitate the students’ development of their personal businesses 

  • Connect students to resources

  • Incorporate Life Lessons (from Things You Wish You Knew Yesterday) 


  • Class meeting sites

  • Business visit sites

  • Guest speakers

  • Networking opportunities 

  • Class activities

  • Team building


  • A positive image of CEO 

  • Greet and introduce guests

  • Schedule changes whenever needed

  • Write weekly class updates (newsletters) to be posted on the website 

  • Prepare a monthly board report

  • Facilitate student presentations for community organizations

  • Collaborate with the CEO board

  • Class orientation 

  • Market the class 

  • Student recruitment

  • Student and Alumni activities 

  • Website maintenance

  • Trade Show

Participate in The Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship Events:

  • Attend Annual National Conference

  • Participate in Webinars

  • Submit weekly newsletters

  • Complete & administer Midland Institute survey



Applicants for the position can meet qualifications through several options:

Option 1- Have a Business Education or Marketing Education teaching certificate.

Option 2- Have a teaching certificate and must take the Missouri Content Assessment in Business or Marketing to become certified.

Option 3- Have a Business or Marketing BS degree.  Having this will allow you to apply CTAC (Career Education Temporary Authorization Certificate). You will be required to take additional college classes to become certified.  Steps are below.

CTAC to ICEC (Initial Career Education Certificate)

  • Complete 4 years of DESE approved teaching

  • Participate in district-provided mentoring program for 2 years

  • Complete 30 contact hours of professional development for an IPC upgrade; successfully complete 90 contact hours of professional development for an ICEC upgrade. This may include college credits (1 semester hour equals 15 contact hours of professional development. (It will require taking college classes.)

  • Participate in beginning teacher assistance program offered by UCM

  • Participate in districts Performance Based Teacher Evaluation process.

  • Develop and implement a professional development plan.

  • Take required post-secondary courses.

Once met CTAC, apply for upgrade to ICEC 

Upgrade from ICEC to CCPS (Career Continuous Professional Certificate)


How to apply:

Please send your resume and cover letter to facilitator@hannibalareaceo.com and carbon copy sbdc@hredc.com

***Background check required as a condition of employment.